Who Said Cake? Your Dog Did!

Spring is on the way! This cake is perfect!

Get Deputy Digby’s favorite cake recipe here!

Does Your Dog Need A Soft Treat?

Sometimes, our seniors need a treat that is softer.  Softer treats also are good for training and hiding those vitamins and pills!  We came up with a treat that may sound a bit fishy…but trust us.  Your dog will love them.  Did we mention that they are gluten free? Check out our “Fishy Buoys” Soft Whitefish Treats For Dogs  

Our Recipe For Oregon Is Now Up!

Our Adventure Of A Lifetime may be coming to an end, but the dog treat recipes are just beginning! In Oregon, state #47 on our trip, we bring to you our latest creation, Oregon Marionberry Breakfast Pops! Can you share with your dog? You bet you can! And tune in for a live demo on our 2 Traveling Dogs Facebook page, Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 5 p.m. PST! Get the latest recipe here, brought to you by The Farmer’s Dog!