Barkmosas For Dogs! A Brunch Necessity!

Barkmosas For Dogs! A Brunch Necessity!

You can’t have brunch without a few cocktails, now can you?  Of course, we know dogs should NEVER have alcohol.  But we made our own dog friendly version of a mimosa called a Barkmosa!

Dogs can have oranges and orange juice, but even fruit is a sugar.  So this has to be given to your dogs sparingly.  Vitamin C and fiber are just two of the reasons to give your dog orange juice. But limit quantities as we did in this recipe.  Bone broth has a huge nutritional punch! So we added this as well.  And of course, a bark tail like a Barkmosa has to sparkle! So let’s see how we do that!

Get the full recipe here for Barkmosas For Dogs!

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