Make Your Own Pre-Mixes

Dogs are love.  From their wagging tails to their wet, kissable noses, our dogs mean everything to us.  They give us their all, so don’t they deserve our best?

Dogs know what tastes good and what tastes fresh!  What could taste better and be fresher than home cooked treats right from your kitchen?  It’s time to “Turn Your Kitchen Into Your Dog’s Diner!”

How can you be sure that what you feed your dog is safe and good for them?  The answer is simple.  You make it yourself!  Our mixes and take out treats will have your dog begging for those daily treats!  You will feel good knowing you took time out of your busy schedule to do something good for your dog.  Always cook and prepare your dog’s food with love!  Don’t they deserve it?

But it’s not just about health.  Cooking for your dog is rewarding for you too.  Don’t we nurture those we love?  Your dog may not be able to order off a menu in just any restaurant, but he has reservations for the best one in town!  Your kitchen, Your Dog’s Diner!

Yes, we used to offer our mixes to purchase.  But now you can make your own! Enjoy these recipes!

Mutt Meatballs Mix

Mutt Pancakes Mix

Mutt Soup Mix

Bake & Break Kibble Cracker Mix



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