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As I was watching cooking shows as I always do this morning, I heard the terms “back to basics” and “comfort food” numerous times. I saw people taking and MAKING the time to cook for their families and quality ingredients being of prime importance. When did this way of thinking become unnecessary for dogs? When did people decide that what they fed their dogs was any less important than what they were feeding their families?

Many of us have had pets that made a huge difference in our lives. I know I did. When I think back to these pets, sometimes I feel horrible that I didn’t take the time to research their food, their treats and what I was putting into their bodies. Would they have lived longer? Would I have had more time with them? Could I have made a difference in their QUALITY of life if I would have taken the time to not only think of them as part of the family, but to feed them as part of the family?

I can’t go back and change the past, but I can make the most of the time I have with my two rescue boys Brickle and Digby. I not only make the time now to cook their food, but I enjoy it. I don’t feed my family out of a box or a bag, and I will not feed my dogs this way either. Processed and unhealthy foods will not be fed to my family and I will not feed them to my dogs.

Sometimes when we travel with our product demonstrations of our Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix and our Mutt Soup Mix, people laugh and say, “I don’t cook for myself, so I don’t cook for my dog”. I used to stay silent, but now, I say, “Well, maybe you should START.” We all have to start somewhere on the road to health, and for us to be healthy, and our dogs to be healthy TOGETHER is a wonderful thing. So I say, go back to basics on feeding your dogs. Start with our treat mixes and see how easy it is. I bet your dogs will love them. And I know that you will feel good about taking the time to go back to basics. Time with our furkids will not last forever. Make it count.

-Rachael Johnson


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