Big Game Chicken Bite Appetizers For Dogs


Let’s face it. The Big Game is just awesome!  Time to get together with friends and family. Time to have fun. And TIME TO EAT!  Don’t you dare even think of leaving your dogs out of the party!  We have a great appetizer recipe for your dogs that is so easy you will think you got a touchdown without even leaving your kitchen!

Start with our Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix. Yep.  It says its for meatballs, and it sure is.  But it is so versatile!   And made with all organic ingredients, so you can’t go wrong.

Get out a pound and a half of chicken breasts.  Cut them in bite size chunks.  Put them in a bowl.  Following so far?

diced chicken breasts

Now.  Take that Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix, one egg, and mix well with the diced chicken.




Now, get on those gloves and mix it up!

Then, spray an oven safe baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.  Lay coated chicken on pan, set oven temperature to 450 degrees, and cover with foil.  Set timer for 20 minutes and sit back and relax. Or maybe take your dog for a walk.


After 20 minutes, turn off oven, take chicken bites out of the tray and take off foil.  Let cool completely before serving of course.  Never give your dog hot food.  That would be a major penalty!



Now the fun part!  Serve to your dog while you are watching the Big Game together!  How much will they like them?




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