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Are my dogs happy?

I asked myself this today.  I had to think about it.  I hoped they were happy.  But were they..really? And how do we know?

Every dog is different, this I do know.  Before Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake came along, I was dogmom to two rescue dogs, Skanky and Mr. Scottie.  They were content to roam the orange grove all day, visit my grandparents for lunch, and come home for dinner at exactly 5 p.m. everyday.  Take a ride in the car?  No way, not if your life depended on it.  After numerous bouts of anxiety ridden dogs in our car, they decided for us that they did NOT want to go anywhere.

But Brickle and Digby?  If we don’t take these 2 Traveling Dogs somewhere every day…either hiking or to the park, they think that the world is coming to an end.  So again, I asked myself.  Are my dogs happy?  Are YOUR dogs happy?

Do they have a routine? This I believe is key. Whatever it is that makes YOU happy, that will make your dog happy.  Do you need more exercise? Yep.  Your dog probably does too.  Happy is healthy.  Find a time in your day where you can spend at least one hour together walking.  Whether it is a brisk hike or a slow stroll, just do it!

What about their diet?  You know where I stand on that one.  Brickle and Digby were the reason we started Your Dog’s Diner.  And I believe that my two first rescues could have lived much longer and happier lives on a homemade diet.  I really do.  They are the reasons that for over 3 years, Brickle and Digby have NOT been fed any commercial dog food. Their ear infections, skin allergies and even some of their behavioral issues disappeared within a few weeks.

So again…are my dogs happy?  I wish I could speak dog, but I am confident that they are.  Why?

1.  Regular exercise…with me

2.  A homemade, healthy diet

3.  Regular vet visits

4.  Routine

5.  Love

Is it as simple as that? Why make it complicated? A truly happy dog is possible. And it will make you happier too.

-Rachael Johnson


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