Let’s Go To Samoa!

Let’s Go To Samoa!

Being an island nation, fish, shellfish, and seaweed are staples in Samoa. The climate in Samoa ensures there’s an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables: coconut, taro, yam, breadfruit, and banana. Pineapple, papaya, rice, mango, pumpkin, and cocoa also figure prominently in Samoan cuisine.

Traditionally, Samoan food is not spicy – instead it relies on the richness of coconut (flesh and cream) to impart flavor and moistness.

One of the most yummy yet simple Samoan dishes I knew would be a hit with our dogs.  This can be used at any celebration or special occasion for your dog as well in place of cake.  It is that delicious.  And can you share?

Click here for the surprise, dessert recipe!  It’s sure to satisfy you and your dog’s sweet tooth!

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