Propylene Glycol in Dog Food?!


Being involved in “everything dog”, sometimes I think that I have heard it all.  Sure, I know that there are ingredients in dog food and dog treats that are less than edible, unhealthy and unappetizing.  But after researching an ingredient I found in a dog food on our supermarket shelf, I was floored.  Propylene Glycol? Isn’t this the stuff they use in some anti-freezes?  Sure.  Is.  Although the websites of the food containing this ingredient state a long explanation skirting around the issue,  likening this ingredient to salt.  Is this acceptable to you?  It’s not to us.

Why do dog food and dog treat companies use this in their food?  To keep it soft and moist.  Why is it allowed?  Apparently, in small doses, the claim is that it will not hurt your dog.  But don’t dog parents feed their dogs the same food over and over again?  Not such a small dose is it?

To quote the Dog Food Advisor website,

“Unlike most humans who are inclined to vary their diets with each meal, dogs are typically fed the same food on a perpetual basis — meal-after-meal, every day for a lifetime.

And it’s that continuous exposure to a synthetic substance like propylene glycol that tends to keep us up at night.

For this important reason, pet owners may wish to consider the potential long term consequences of including this or any other non-nutritive additive in any food when making a purchase.”

We agree.  Isn’t it time you threw away that bag of kibble and switched to a homemade diet for your dog? Don’t let others tell you it’s too complicated.  We think mystery ingredients, like propylene glycol are much scarier.  We can help you.  Get started with our mixes and take!

Rachael Johnson

Co-Owner, Your Dog’s Diner






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