Why Take A Chance With Your Dog’s Health? Cook For Them!




Some nights when I am cooking for the dogs, I ask myself if I am going overboard.  Sometimes I get the “looks” from people who ask me if my dogs really like home cooked meals better.  They say, “I don’t cook for myself, so why would I cook for my dog?”.  I can’t answer that question, and it’s true that we are all busy.  But let’s take a look at the news from just 2012.

The FDA confirmed PAGES of dog food and dog treat recalls.  There are just too many to mention here.  But take a look for yourself.


After looking at this information and overwhelming evidence of dogs getting ill and dying convinced me overnight that I was no longer going to put the health and therefore lives of my dogs in the hands of others.  I realized it was MY responsibility and no one else’s to insure that what I fed my dog was safe.  And furthermore, the only way I knew what was safe was if I made it myself.  I started out with treats, and yes, I do make my dogs their daily food.  Is it as hard as what people think?  I don’t believe so.  I do believe however that you have to consult a vet to make sure that what you are feeding them is nutritionally sound and complete.

When I get asked why I would take the time or money to cook for my dogs, I am confused.  If you truly love your dog, don’t you want them with you as long as possible?  Do you want your dogs to feel good, to be happy and to be healthy?   Why take a chance with your dog’s health?  Don’t.  Skip those processed and nutritionally devoid products in your grocery store aisle.  Yes, I know.  We are all busy.  But you do make time for things you love, don’t you?  Try cooking for your dog.  Do your research. Find recipes.  And have fun!

-Rachael Johnson


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